Why US?

Bon Appetit India Pvt Ltd is a cut-above-the-rest in the leading the processed food industry, especially so in India! What sets Bon Appetit India Pvt Ltd apart from most other food companies is that we first and foremost the pioneering force behind setting the trend for German Sausages in India. Additionally, Bon Appetit India Pvt Ltd offers only par excellence Premium Quality Products that are assuredly 100% Gluten Free – sans any Soya, MSG or artificial colors, and offered in a plethora of meat types and authentic flavour profiles. Quality, Service, Value, Trust, Genuineness, Flexibility, Personalization and Taste Experience are values that Bon Appetit India Pvt Ltd unquestionably prides itself as Leaders in! Bon Appetit’s product selection, stellar quality and rich German flavour profiles provide unequalled, extraordinary gastronomical experiences that match every food interest, assorted taste palates, varied cuisine choices, satisfying needs and economical prices.

Everybody wants good food and quality products…so if you’re looking for superior class, high grade, authentic, fresh and delicious meats, then Bon Appetit is the place to look. We are dedicated and committed to using only the finest ingredients and freshest meats…never compromise on quality, sourced only from tried and tested select suppliers, and produced according to rigorous hygiene standards and under uncompromising expert supervision.

Who WE Are?

The flagship brand of Arthur’s Food Company…Bon Appetit India Pvt Ltd was born in Bangalore in 2017, the creative brainchild of Mr. Arthur Maurer…a German with a passion for German foods, the country’s heritage and a love of the Indian people! Keeping this in mind, he decided to bring the joy of authentic German flavours to India…hence the grueling journey began. Armed with the sole aim of bringing exclusive superior quality processed meats with authentic German heritage tastes to the Indian people, Bon Appetit India surpassed difficulties posed by the processed food industry, leading the way to setting up a factory, opening retail outlets Pan India, developing channel partners in distribution and wholesale, eventually becoming leaders in the FMCG Industry – both domestically and globally. Ever since inception, Bon Appetit India has set a benchmark as the premier innovative name in German processed meats using high-tech equipment, a state-of-the-art cold storage unit, channeling only top caliber produce under the watchful eyes of our very own in-house German Master Butcher, whose scrutiny guarantees 100% quality and undeniable perfection in each of our meat specialties.

Bon Appetit India is obligated to its consumers that every product is made from the finest freshest meats, purest seasonings and original spices, perfectly cooked, cured, smoked or simply plain processed…bringing all flavours together harmoniously. Delight in the tastes of Bavaria, Austria, Italy, America, India and more, with perfectly executed and produced proportions of meat consistencies and flavour components – both Indian and European. Our products are super additions to wholesome nutritional meals or yummy appetizers.

The Bon Appetit India team is led and managed by the most competent and professional people whose experience in, knowledge of and passion for food is unrivalled in the industry. Bon Appetit India’s team are hard-core foodies themselves and live and breathe food, so you can be rest assured of consistent top-end quality! We firmly believe in setting the bar high by being leaders by example, with proactiveness and teamwork taking us far up from where we first began, and our generous years of experience and knowledge sets the tone for our success. We strongly believe in Dedication, Honesty, Professionalism, Respect, Teamwork, Integrity, Enthusiasm and a strong Passion for Food…all key components of a successful food company.

Many changes have breezed passed in the food industry since the commencement of Bon Appetit India, which gave ‘food-for-thought’ to many like-minded food companies to start up…however, Bon Appetit India is yet enjoys a position of being the invincible leader in processed meats. Having spread our wings throughout India, we now have a presence in Bangalore (Head Office), Kolkata, New Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Goa, Hyderabad, Mangalore, Chennai, Pondicherry and Kochi…await many more locations!

Quality, Service, Value-for-Money, Reliability, Authenticity, Innovation and Honest-to-Goodness Wholesome Flavours are key ingredients to what makes us different, and ideally describe Bon Appetit’s promise!’

So, go on then, give us a call or email us for all your order requirements…Taste a bit of Germany in India!!

Our Vision:

Our dedication and foresight make us aim to be a Global Leader in the Food Processing Markets, surpassing every challenge and showcasing our years of expertise and state-of-the-art innovativeness…to see our products locally and globally in every store outlet, on every restaurant menu, in every home kitchen and naturally, in every flavourful bite!

Our Mission:

We aim to stand out like a beacon as leaders on the forefront of the Processed Food Industry in India. We will rise steadfastly to the top as the World’s Premier Market Leader and Provider of topnotch quality meat products. To continue delighting our customers, suppliers and our community by unstoppable delivery of superior products and providing the best food choices with our extensive product options, competitive pricing, unmatched quality and unequaled service. By creating value in making a difference in how people choose their foods, and reinventing how people interactively share knowledge. To monitor market changes and adapt accordingly. To continuously boost relationships with our customers, employees, suppliers and local communities. To go above-and-beyond customer expectations – excelling in standards of hygiene, quality, pricing, distribution, innovation and reliability. To never deter from our commitment and guarantee in honoring our values to customers, partners and investors.

Our Core Values: