“Herzhaft Grüße aus (or Hearty Greetings from) Bon Appetit Indien Pvt Ltd” (as the German say) …where we bring Gourmet Specialties to your table. Discover a unique experience with Bon Appetit India Pvt Ltd products that are not only delicious but artfully created with the finest, purest ingredients and savoured with utmost satisfaction! “

Foremost pioneers of traditional German Sausages in India Headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka…the ‘Silicon Valley of India’… Bon Appetit India Pvt Ltd is spearheaded by a passionate German origin ‘foodie’ straight from the ‘land of the wurst’. Indians have great taste and delight in new global cuisines, and it is with this arduous penchant to create great options that Bon Appetit India Pvt Ltd brings to every Indian home and restaurant table exquisite prepared meats – Sausages, Ham, Bacon, Cold Cuts, Meatloaf and more. Leading in innovation and technology in the processed food industry, Bon Appetit India Pvt Ltd 100% assures Honest-to-Goodness Wholesome Flavours using Genuine Traditional German Recipes and Stellar Quality Ingredients, while offering Value-for-Money and Efficient Service!

So, why not head for the nearest outlet selling Bon Appetit’s top-of-the-line speciality meat products with a delectable array for you to choose from! Satiate your world food cravings with a scrumptious variety of our deliciously products like Sausages (many varieties), Hams (several types), Meatloaf (different flavours), Cold Cuts (large selection), juicy Meatballs and plenty of Ready-to-Eat Meat delights. No matter your taste preference…no matter your nativity…there’s something for everyone at Bon Appetit India and we guarantee you will keep coming back for more!!

Available for purchase at most Retail Outlets pan India. Alternatively, call or email us for your order requirements.

“Nothing’s more gratifying than savouring the authentic taste of Germany right here in India!!”

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